Our Story

1What is the one philosophy that drives Brigs Plasma Company.? We believe that quality and service are most important for our customers

Brigs Plasma Company (BPC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brigs Machining Company. (BMC) has been in business since 1980 producing quality machined parts for the aerospace and plasma spray systems industries.

In 1995, Brigs Machining Co. purchased a low pressure plasma system "LPPS" from Sulzer Metco for R&D and production thermal spray and formed Brigs Plasma Company.

Why choose Brigs Plasma

 Brigs Plasma Company has the experience and knowledge of spraying aerospace and gas turbines as well as machining and designing components for the plasma industry. In addition Brigs Plasma Company has a vast library and experience of spraying many materials from ceramics, carbides, and metals.

All these efforts are made so that we may offer you the best products and service.

For more information

For more information on Brigs Plasma Company's available products and services

please phone us at 949-770-1160, or FAX your request to 949-770-6717. or

E-mail to info@lpps.com